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FITSLIDE Strength Bands (41 in) - 104 cm - heavy resistance - Purple

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FITSLIDE resistance rubber, in the embodiments of resistance: Extra light (blue), light (red), Medium (Black)Heavy (violet)Super heavy (green) Extra heavy (dark blue). The price is depending on the resistance of from 189 to 789 CZK.

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FITSLIDE Strength Bands breakdown by resistance forces:

  • Light (red): 2.2 kg (25% tension) to 22 kg (200% tension)
  • Medium (Black): 4.5 kg (25% tension) to 27 kg (200% tension)
  • Heavy (violet) 11 kg (25% tension) to 36 kg (200% tension)
  • Super heavy (green): 22 kg (25% tension) to 54 kg (200% tension)


They are used mainly in crossfitovém and functional type of training, especially as spotting during burden on the horizontal bar (pull ups) key on the parallel bars (DIPS) and similar workout exercises.

FITSLIDE Strength Bands offers a variety of other uses such as:

  • Resistance training speed and dynamic forces (short sprints, jumps far and height)
  • Strength training - can be mounted on an axis Olympic training in squats, bench press, dead lifts etc. Perfect to develop maximum strength and dynamic!
  • Stretching


FITSLIDE resistance rubber are made of high quality and durable material.
Produced in 4 different color variants, which differ in size Resistance