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FITSLIDE PRO team sports

Fitslide is not just for "normal people". It also allows lateral training Movements (side-to-side) that are of utmost importance in all sports, u Where there are rapid changes in direction (football, ice hockey, speed Skating, rugby, American football, basketball and many others).

FITSLIDE PRO Fitness centers

Fitslide is a tool whose principle is slipping on the ground. This is a training s Own body weight. With fitslide you can train everyone, from beginner to Advanced, you only have to choose the difficulty of individual exercises. Fitslide replaces All the expensive exercise aids that use so-called sliding motion. At the same time You practice stability and coordination as never before. Fitslide is great A tool for gymnasiums or gyms, to expand sports equipment Functional training.Fitslide is also ideal for personal / fitness trainers.

FITSLIDE PRO group lessons and circular workouts

Thanks to its versatility and a large supply of exercises, Fitslide is indispensable A tool and a complement for group lessons or circular workouts. It suits perfectly Into their concepts. In addition, Fitslide can be combined with other functional aids Training such as sandbags, Kettlebells, or TRX.